Minding Your Health in Education for Staff, Children & Young People

Learn how to use Mindfulness and Compassion to reduce stress and anxiety and improve wellbeing for yourself and your students.

The Minding Your Health in Eduction (MYHE) Programme

This programme delivers long-term and sustainable teaching of mindfulness throughout the whole organisation, for teachers, support staff and pupils.

Delivered flexibly either on-site or at our Training Centre, this programme will help you to understand and harness Mindfulness within your teaching.


Why This Programme?

Are you looking for ways to support and develop positive mental health and wellbeing for Staff, Children and Young People in your Education Setting?

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Develop Positive Relationships with Yourself & Others

Improve Emotional Resilience

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MindfulnessUK is a Member of the UK Network of Mindfulness Teacher Training Organisations. MindfulnessUK specialises in Mindfulness and Compassion Programmes, Courses, Workshops and Qualifications.


MYHE Training Pathways

You can choose to train as a whole organisation, or if you're a member of staff, you can choose to train as an individual


Whole Organisation Approach

The Programme is for up to 20 Staff and is 20 hours in total. Delivered flexibly to suit the needs of your organisation.

Jane Rosser, Headteacher at High Ham Primary School
  • Evidence-based

    Utilising research, positive psychology and neuroscience to support the development of awareness.
  • Learn Mindfulness and
    compassion-based strategies

    Strategies, skills, tools and practical application to benefit staff and the children/young people they teach and support.
  • 20 hours of face to face teaching

    With a qualified Mindfulness Teacher who is also experienced in teaching and/or learning support.

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A blended learning approach including:

  • Taught sessions
  • Mindfulness & Compassion-based approaches and practice(s)
  • The underpinning theory & evidence base
  • Toolkit & resources for Staff, Children & Young People
  • Elements of neuroscience
  • Practical application
  • Practice log and self-reflection
  • Online resources

The first 14 hours of the Programme is experiential learning where staff learn Mindfulness and Compassion-based skills, practices, tools and practical application to develop their own personal resilience and wellbeing.

The last 6 hours staff will be shown examples of how to deliver Mindfulness and Compassion to children and young people using the toolkit of resources.

We come to you to deliver training and provide all the equipment and materials.

Great opportunity to host joint training with other organisations

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For Individual Teachers & Education Staff

Individual staff can complete the Minding Your Health in Education Programme by firstly, attending a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction or Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy 8 week course

Call Angie on 01823 323206 to enquire about the next course for Education Staff or click below to find out more and making a booking

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Secondly, by completing:

Module One: Primary School Age or Secondary School Age

A one day workshop focusing on how to deliver Mindfulness and Compassion to children and young people using the Minding Your Health in Education Programme toolkit of resources for children and young people.


The workshop consists of Learning outcomes 7 and 8 of the Minding Your Health in Education Programme

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"Simple and effective ways of using Mindfulness to improve teaching and learning across the curriculum."

Debbie Fry

MindfulnessUK Teacher

“It has had a very positive impact on bringing our staff together and giving them time to focus on themselves.”

Lizzie Reynolds

Headteacher, Long Sutton Primary School

“After mindfulness
I feel calmer,
and happy
on the inside”

A Pupil

High Ham Primary School

Read more about who MindfulnessUK partners with to develop Mindfulness and Compassion for Staff, Children and Young People:

I now have the skills to teach my students how to be kind to themselves and others. It has really changed the feeling in the classroom and the whole school,  I can’t recommend it highly enough.

I enjoyed the Course and it was really good to know that my organisation/ employer valued my wellbeing.

I feel like the old me, but new.

People have been more aware of their stress levels and how to manage them.

We have begun using stillness, reflective time and short mindful practices with the children and this is having a positive impact on calming them and helping them to focus.

We give out every day to the young people in our care and the mindfulness training helps us feel that we are valued too.

Every Organisation is different. Our qualified Mindfulness teachers have a wealth of experience in education, health and social care settings and tailor each Programme delivery to the needs of the staff, children and young people.

Angie Ward, Course Developer


  • Mental Health Foundation
  • High Ham Primary School
  • Long Sutton Primary School
  • Chilton Trinity Secondary School
  • Selworthy School
  • Parent and Family Support Advisors
  • Eastover Primary School
  • Children and Adolescent Mental Health Specialists
  • School Nurses

Benefits of MYHE Programme

The programme is evidence-based, flexibly delivered and we can come to you!

Mindfulness is about being fully aware of whatever is happening in the present moment without judging it.

It’s mind-body based approach to help change the way you think and feel about your experiences, especially stressful ones! This Programme benefits Staff, Children and Young people.

Cultivating Compassion helps us to be more accepting and nurturing of ourselves and others.

This Programme supports the development and understanding of stress and how embracing and embedding Mindfulness and Compassion in to daily life enhances health and wellbeing.

It helps to identify, prevent and manage stress and anxiety.

A long-term, sustainable and robust training approach for the delivery of mindfulness within educational settings.

The MYH Toolkit is full of tried and tested Mindfulness and Compassion Practices, Tools and Activities for Staff to use with Children and Young People.

Benefits of Mindfulness and Compassion include

  • Create a calm and nurturing environment
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Feel calmer and think more clearly
  • Feel happier and more positive
  • Learn to self‐regulate
  • Improve focus and problem solving skills
  • Improve teaching and learning experiences
  • Reduce behaviors that challenge
  • Promote a sense of connection, belonging and community
  • Boost self‐esteem and self‐confidence