Mindfulness Training for Your Whole School or Organisation

We come to you to deliver training and provide all the equipment and materials

Completing this programme can be an immensely fulfilling experience for all involved, not only in supporting their own daily lives but also in an ability to support and share these skills with others.

It is, therefore, important that staff participating are committed to developing a personal mindfulness practice, and are in a position to teach these skills to pupils over the long-term.  By beginning with focusing upon supporting the health and well-being of staff by facilitating the development of their personal mindfulness practice we ensure that, when they go on to teach these skills to children and young people, they have fully experienced the practices personally, teaching with authenticity and integrity.

All 8 Learning Outcomes must be completed within a 6 week to 6 month timescale and staff must attend a minimum of 80% of the first 14 hours and all of the final 6 hours or agree with their tutor how they can catch up, in order to complete the programme.

Teaching sessions are experiential and practical and consist of 8 learning outcomes

  1. Understand the Impact of Stress and Strategies to Support You
  2. Understand the Importance of Taking Care of Yourself …You are Important too
  3. Identifying Difficulties and Strategies to Help
  4. Understand Ways to Support Change for Yourself and Others
  5. Identifying Ways to Support Wellbeing
  6. Understand How Mindfulness & Compassion Enhances Relationships
  7. Understand How to Use These Skills in Your Professional Setting
  8. Identify Ways to Integrate Mindfulness and Compassion in Your Professional Practice with Children and Young People


There is no formal assessment for this training programme, each learning outcome is met through an opportunity to learn alongside peers.

Home Practice

The programme also includes practices in between teaching sessions. During the teaching sessions there is the opportunity for students to explore key themes and reflections arising from their own practice diary.


Staff will receive a Certificate of attendance at completion

Course Handouts and Mindfulness Practice Downloads

Electronic handouts and access to downloads are provided.


Each organisation received one toolkit containing activities for working with children and young people.

Student handbook

A Student Handbook for this programme will be available online and emailed to each organisation


For further information and/ a FREE consultation including costing please contact Angie Ward – MindfulnessUK Tutor, Therapist and Course Developer

Email: angie@mindfulnessuk.com    Phone: 01823 323206