What is the difference between the IMC online course and the IMC Residential course at Sharpham House?

They are 2 different courses and when you are applying you are choosing which course you wish to attend.

If you are choosing to apply for the residential training at Sharpham House, you must be available to attend all the dates listed on the website for that course as that is when all the GLH’s are delivered as an immersive course.  Applications are  via the link that says more information and booking. This takes you to Sharpham House website as they manage all the booking and payment.

If you are choosing to apply to a course delivered online, all the GLH’s are delivered completely via Zoom (dates towards the bottom of the webpage) then you need to make sure you can attend all dates listed for that course on the website and click the enrol now button which takes you directly to an application form.

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