What People Say

Mindfulness- Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Programme Participants

“I found another way of looking at life (things) very interesting and powerful.”

“I feel I am more aware of my own feelings and those of others. I am more satisfied with my daily life and situation.”

“Karen is a warm and intuitive teacher with a depth of experience that she is willing to share with the whole class.”

“I now understand the joy of being in the moment and use Mindfulness as a tool to enhance my life.”

“It was great being in a group with other people where we were all learning the new skills together.”

Graduates of The Level 4 Certificate, “Integrating Mindfulness and Compassion in Professional Practice.”


 “A fabulous learning opportunity with a group of like-minded people. Very inspirational course with a qualification that equips you to work therapeutically.” 

“It is extremely well-structured, and provides a thorough underpinning for acquiring the skills and knowledge to teach practices of mindfulness and compassion in a range of contexts.  Karen is a warm, very knowledgeable and very organised teacher. I loved the course and can’t recommend it highly enough”.

“I enjoyed the course very much which I found motivating and interesting. It was really useful to have the weekend study days with Karen whose professional teaching manner imparted the required  knowledge in an enjoyable and thorough way. A great experience. Thank you” 

“Extremely well organised, paced and delivered in a way to increase confidence and motivation. Great balance of student-centred training with assignments with planned deadlines. Excellent communication with MindfulnessUK Centre”.


“The course material was thorough, inspiring and life-changing”.


“Structure of the course is excellent at developing knowledge, insight and practice of teaching. Truly superb course, I have gained an insight and knowledge of mindfulness and compassion practice beyond what I thought possible”.


“Truly inspirational”.


“The best training course I have ever been on”!


“A transformative course, both on a personal and professional basis. Would recommend it to every professional working with people”.


“This course is fantastic. I recommend it to all professionals interested in the practical application of mindfulness and compassion”.


“Excellent teacher training course, excellent teacher (Karen Atkinson)”


“This course has been wonderful, truly life-changing. Amazingly helpful for my professional and personal development.”