How Mindfulness Helps You Cope With Chronic Pain

When we are experiencing pain we just want it to go away immediately. Chronic pain is frustrating and totally debilitating and changes lives and changes who we are and how we think and feel about everything. When we experience pain our brains typically launch into a litany of judgements and negative thoughts. We start thinking […]

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Diageo..A Global Company Looking After Their Employees Mental Health With Mindfulness

Our Director Karen Atkinson was thrilled today to be hosting a morning of teaching Mindfulness to staff from the global drinks company Diageo. This forward thinking and caring company knows how important it is for their staff to be happy and healthy, not only their physical health, but their mental health as well. The setting […]

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Are you looking to deliver John Kabat-Zinn’s Gold Standard MBSR Course? New #London Dates Announced

We are thrilled to announce new dates in London for our Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Teacher Training Courses that are in addition to our Taunton Courses. This MindfulnessUK 12 month training pathway is in accordance with the UK Network Regulations, Good Practice Guidelines and MBI-TAC. Pre-requisites: Applicants must have completed the MBSR course in a group […]

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Learn How to Teach Mindful Movement As A Meditation Practice

As part of our Continuous Development (CPD) for our Mindfulness Teachers we have introduced a workshop on Mindful Movement. The first workshop will be held on Friday 6th October in Taunton and runs from 10-4.30 at a cost of £75 per person. This workshop will help you to develop the skills and confidence to teach […]

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What does “Process Of Enquiry” mean?

Just what does “Process Of Enquiry” mean and how does it impact on you and your clients in a therapeutic setting. Having guided a mindfulness meditation practice, the teacher will then inquire into the participant’s experience in a skilful and compassionate way. It is as a result of verbalising what we noticed during the practice that […]

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Integrating Mindfulness & Compassion In Professional Practice

We are delighted to be able to offer our Integrating Mindfulness & Compassion in Professional Practice course in Nottingham. This foundation degree level course with the Counselling & Psychotherapy Central Award Body is a must for all professionals wishing to gain skills and a recognised and supported  qualification in Mindfulness & Compassion. If you are […]

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Looking After Your Staff Is More Than Making Sure They Have Coffee And A First Aid Kit! #MentalHealth

Mental-health problems are on the increase and this silent illness is manifesting itself in every business across the world. Sick leave for mental-health problems are on the increase and in some cases staff can be away from their desks for months whilst they try and battle back to good health. Stress is now the number […]

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New Interactive Group On Facebook For Past & Present Students Goes Live

We have long thought that a forum for our past and present students would be a fantastic way to interact with others so we are delighted today to launch our new Facebook Group. Sharing experiences, offering each other support, sharing tips, is a fantastic way to feel part of a community of like minded people […]

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Take A Walk Around Your Life Using #Mindfulness

  Walking mindfully is all about being aware of your surroundings and doesn’t have to mean hiking up a mountain. Your walk doesn’t have to be outside, you can practise walking around the house listening to all the noises it makes from radiators rumbling to floor boards creaking. These noises are the sound track to […]

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#Autumn .. A great time to start new beginnings? Learn to Teach #Mindfulness?

September is always a great time for new beginnings. It heralds the start of a new season and a wonderful time to think about learning a new skill or taking a new career path. The demand for Mindfulness is increasing daily with people from all walks of life realising the huge benefits to our health […]

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