Bindi Anstee

I’ve been involved with MindfulnessUk for several years, providing support to maintain financial accounts. They are an incredible team, with a huge amount of knowledge and understanding of mindfulness and compassion. Offering my bookkeeping and accounting knowledge to complement their inspiring work is very gratifying. Outside of my professional life my family keep me busy …

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Jay Skinner

I’m most happy and at peace in an ancient forest with a small cabin overlooking a clearing, nestled in a valley with tree-filled slopes rising all around. I sit near the cabin door, warmed by the log burner, absorbed by nature all around me. This happy place began as a visualisation during meditation practice about …

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Amanda Sutton

To keep a clear head I like to have busy feet or busy hands.  I’m lucky enough to live in the beautiful Devon countryside so there’s plenty of places to explore either on foot or two wheels by myself or with the family.   I love making things too and will have a go at …

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Helen Noble

I live much of my life in the beautiful countryside and love long beach walks with Jimmy our brown Labrador. I also appreciate my yoga practice and fit a little bit in daily. It helps me centre and ground and gets me supple for my walks. Post walk I enjoy a read but also listen …

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Kate Elliott

Spending time out in the fresh air is always cathartic for me, and helps to clear my head. If I need to slow down, I go for a walk around my local park, listening to my favourite podcast “Being Well with Rick Hanson, or if my energy is high I take myself for a quick …

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Claire Kidd

Managing marketing activity for MindfulnessUK, I work with the team to develop compelling and insightful content.  There are so many benefits to teaching mindfulness and compassion, especially now when life is so tough.  There is nothing I love more than walking and exploring a new place, towns, cities or anywhere! Being outside in the fresh …

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Anna Taylor

My happy place is always in nature. I feel so grateful to live so close to a park in London and I’ve recently made a commitment to go for a short walk in the morning before I turn my computer on. It feels such a tonic to be among the trees, to watch the playful …

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Neil Atkinson

The clear night sky at new moon on the hills of Somerset is so beautiful and mind-expanding. I so enjoy visiting new places both urban and rural, but much of my deepest connection with place arises from revisiting “old” places as they change from season to season.

Angie Ward

My go to place is the beach, in any season! Walking on the many terraines is grounding, the expansive space refreshing, the sound of waves calming, the ebb and flow is a fabulous reminder of impermanence and how things are always changing. Being in water is such a pleasure for me, exhilarating and energising. Of …

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Karen Atkinson

I’m so happy riding Bluebell, my electric bike, on the Blackdown Hills. I actually laugh out loud as I’m working hard going up a hill, huffing and puffing then flick on the electrics and whoosh along. It’s exhilarating finding lanes and routes I’ve never been along before

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