My Mindfulness Journey Continues

Integrating Mindfulness and Compassion course

Receiving my course work and books for the Integrating Mindfulness and Compassion Qualification Course, it felt like it was time, I was ready to go, prepared for learning – something which has hit me like a train, although a comforting one.

Not since university have I felt this feeling of butterflies and awareness of deadlines approaching. In just 2 weeks I have experienced so many emotions. I have had 2 sessions with the group who are all lovely people. It has been eye opening to communicate with different people who are developing their understanding of mindfulness from different angles, for different reasons yet all carry a similarity in their being that I haven’t yet put my finger on.

Angie Ward (my teacher) creates a sense of calm and an acceptance which is reassuringly safe to be part of. The coursework is refreshing in a sense that I am genuinely interested in doing the questions justice and want to put my all into getting the most out of the course (this is where I have changed since university).

It feels like the questions, the content and teaching is geared towards supporting the learner to succeed but not in a uniformed fashion, without a definitive right or wrong attitude. The questions so far feel like they have been designed to promote self-learning which in turn will produce interesting and differing perspectives, which I guess will ultimately produce unique teachers – albeit who follow the same fundamental mindfulness ethos, just with a hint of ‘flavour’ to enable mindfulness to continue to grow organically amongst like minded people. This makes me excited.

I have even started reading some books, I must be liking it. As I continue my practice I am beginning to challenge my own understanding of mindfulness and explore the realms of my own preconceived ideas. I want to experience what mindfulness can do for me before I begin to support other people. It feels like I am on a journey.

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