Is your People Strategy missing this key ingredient?

Photo of a woman looking joyful in an work environment. She looks like she has a high level of well-being.

Did you know that employee well-being isn’t just about *avoiding* poor mental health (although we know that’s extremely important too)?


What companies tend to overlook is that employee well-being is about *creating* an environment where employees can thrive and experience genuine joy in their work and personal lives. It’s a holistic concept that encompasses both mental and emotional health and the creation of fulfilling, joyful experiences.

So while employee assistance programmes and mental health first aid training are powerful and important tools for any organisation, they alone cannot significantly improve well-being.

What we need to consider is how to create joy in the everyday.


So why should joy be at the heart of your company’s People Strategy in 2023?


1. Joyful employees are more engaged

When employees are happy and fulfilled, they’re more likely to be engaged in their work. They’ll be more productive, more creative, and more committed to the company’s goals. This means that investing in employee happiness can pay dividends in the form of increased productivity, better quality work, and improved customer satisfaction.

2. Joyful employees are more loyal

Happy employees are more likely to stay with a company for the long term, reducing the costs associated with turnover and recruitment. This can have a significant impact on the bottom line, as the cost of replacing an employee can be as high as two times their salary.

3. Joyful employees create a positive company culture

A positive company culture is essential for attracting and retaining top talent. When employees are happy, they’re more likely to share their positive experiences with others, which can help to build a strong employer brand. A positive culture can also help to improve teamwork, collaboration, and communication, leading to better outcomes for the company.

4. Joyful employees are healthier

Studies show that happy employees are healthier employees, with lower rates of absenteeism and higher levels of energy and motivation. A healthy workforce can reduce healthcare costs and improve overall productivity.


So how can companies create a more joyful workforce? Here are a few tips:


1. Prioritise work-life balance

Encourage staff to take time off when they need it and to prioritise their personal lives. This can help to reduce stress and burnout, leading to happier, more fulfilled employees.

2. Create a positive company culture

Encourage teamwork, collaboration, and open communication. Find ways to recognize and reward employees for their hard work and contributions, and celebrate successes together.

3. Offer opportunities for growth and development

Provide employees with opportunities to learn and grow, whether through training programs, mentorship, or promotions. This can help to keep employees engaged and motivated.

4. Invest in employee well-being

Offer wellness programs, such MindfulnessUK’s THE JOY PROGRAMME to support employee well-being. This can help to reduce stress, improve overall health and build happiness both in and outside of the workplace.


By now, we all know that employee well-being is important. But are you prioritising the creation of joy in 2023?

By focusing on employee happiness and well-being, companies can create a more engaged, loyal, and productive workforce, leading to better outcomes for the company and its employees.

Find out more about the Joy Programme here.

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