The JOY Programme

Supporting the mental and emotional health and well-being of everyone in the health and social care sector with mindfulness and compassion. Giving them the tools and resilience to care and support others.

The JOY Programme.

There are many challenges in different sectors but the Health and Social Care sector is experiencing more than most.

Low morale, the impact of post pandemic stress disorder and secondary trauma from challenging emotional jobs can all lead to an increase in employee absence or low employee retention. The latest NICE report has suggested that organisations should 'offer all employees (or help them to access) mindfulness, yoga or meditation on an ongoing basis.'

To support you and your employees our experienced team at MindfulnessUK have developed The JOY Programme because there is Just One You.

This 'train-the-trainer' programme will teach a group of employees how to lead mindfulness, compassion, happiness and joy skills in the workplace, improving the psycho-social working environment and health and well-being of your employees.

There is a growing need for Mindfulness and Compassion Well-being Advocates to be part of the fabric of an organisation, with advocates teaching from within an organisation to teams that they know and understand, rather than mindfulness and compassion teachers coming in to deliver these skills from outside your organisation.

Throughout the training advocates will be guided in considering all that they need to think about and do within their own specific teaching setting to integrate mindfulness,  compassion, happiness and joy for the benefit of their participants.

Benefits of Workplace Mindfulness

  • Increases resilience by building stability of mind and higher levels of self-kindness.
  • Enables innovation by stimulating a refreshed perspective.
  • Improves collaboration by building empathy.
  • Boosts engagement by generating positive feelings towards each other.
  • Enables empowerment by enabling a grounded self-reliance.
  • Increases retention by creating a community that celebrates the good.
  • Improves client service through employees working with greater emotional awareness.

This 'train the trainer' programme teaches advocates mindfulness and compassion skills, tools and practices that support the mental and emotional health and well-being of employees, their teams and the organisation as a whole.

The JOY Programme will empower those identified as having a responsibility for the health and well-being of employees within an organisation to learn ways to positively impact on their colleagues’ levels of happiness and joy by developing a toolkit to use both at work and in their personal lives.

This training pathway consists of a 2-hour introductory workshop, focusing on building the advocates own personal resilience, followed by 6-sessions that are designed to empower participants to become 'Mindfulness and Compassion Well-being Advocates'.

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Mindfulness, Compassion Introductory Foundation Training<br data-mce-bogus=" />

Mindfulness, Compassion Introductory Foundation Training

This 2-hour workshop, is recommended for each advocate before they start the full training.

The workshop focuses on building each advocates own personal resilience. 

Following this workshop, all learners will be equipped to start their comprehensive training on “The JOY Programme”.

The joy 12-hour programme

Session One

Becoming Aware of the Joyful Power of Mindfulness.

Exploring what mindfulness is, definitions, benefits and value in a workplace setting.

Session Two

How To Embody Mindfulness And Noticing What Happens When Teaching.

Shifting from doing to being modes, the effect on the nervous system and calming the mind, noticing red flags, creating a safe space, teaching environment and posture, modelling a Compassionate Mindfulness Advocate.

Session Three

Safely Integrating Mindfulness At Work.

Working with trauma and trauma-informed teaching. Introducing Mindfulness into daily life.

Session Four

Developing More Kindness At Work.

Introducing the Iceberg Model to aid inquiry. The theory of self-soothing and compassion practices. Barriers to joy and revitalising joy.

Session Five

Making Changes to Create a Compassionate Mindful Culture.

Exploring Emotional intelligence. Identifying current resources and introducing new ones. Theory of teaching one to one and to groups and how to facilitate inquiry.

Session Six

Sustaining Mindfulness and Compassion into the Workplace.

Smaller group work exploring how advocates would embed mindfulness and compassion into their work in a sustainable way.

The JOY Programme

£1500 + VAT* * reductions for charities, NHS etc
  • Per person.
  • Minimum of 10 people.
  • Concession rates available.

This programme is designed to support Health and Social Care colleagues, including those that work in the following areas:

Healthcare staff
Allied health professionals
HR personnel
Occupational health
Social care staff
Social workers
Staff wellbeing advocates
Mental health
First aiders
Union reps
Foster carers
Adoptive parents
Care workers
Pastoral staff
Educational support workers
Team leaders
Youth workers
Multi-agency teams
Public health

Meet the team

Karen Atkinson headshot

Karen Atkinson

Karen started her career as a nurse at St Thomas Hospital before joining the Independent Medial and Psychological Services, focusing on treating patients with complex psychological, emotional and medical needs.  It was there that she introduced mindfulness and stress management techniques to patients and their carers.  Karen then co-founded MindfulnessUK, has been teaching mindfulness for over 30-years and is the author of Compassionate Mindful Inquiry in Therapeutic Practice.

Jay Skinner an experienced mindfulness tutor

Jay Skinner

As an experienced trainer and coach, and CIPD qualified in Learning and Development, Jay has spent the majority of her career working to enable leadership consciousness in organisations.  Coaching and training leaders to become the best they can be through greater self-awareness and values alignment. Jay has supported the formation of champion groups, ambassador networks and peer learning circles in multiple sectors, including the NHS, Bupa, and Local Government.


Angie Ward

Angie started in residential care, specialising in LAC, children with SLCN and adults with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities before moving into Further Education.  She lectured in Health and Social Care, led in learning support and trained employees.  Since joining MindfulnessUK Angie has developed and delivered Mindfulness and Compassion for groups of young people, including the Mental Health Foundation, and contributed to the GPG: Mindfulness-based programmes for people with Learning Disabilities.

Don't just take our word for it...

I have found the mindfulness course extremely beneficial. It has allowed me to take a moment and see how things are for me at a moment in time. With a busy work and home life it is easy to put time for me at the bottom of the pile. Through the practices I have learnt to be kind to myself to tell myself “It’s ok”; just as I would if I was talking to a loved one or colleague. I now have some tools and techniques to use.  L Woolway

~ Public Health

“A thought-provoking course. The practices were done by everyone, and after each practice, there was an opportunity for everyone to express how they felt afterwards. Everyone could benefit from this course in some capacity, and I would highly recommend people to give this course a try." H Moule

~ Public Health

“I joined the course hoping to find out more about mindfulness and how it would help me in my job role.  What I actually found out was that it helped me. We all deserve that care and compassion but so often we are at the bottom of our own pile of priorities. Time to shake it up and understand the importance of your own wellbeing.  Like the advert says: “you’re worth it!” T Underwood

~Public Health

MindfulnessUK (est. 2010) is a leading, accredited international provider of training courses in the Health and Social Care sectors. The MindfulnessUK tutors have an extensive background in Health and Social Care and Public Health, and have supported thousands of learners in reaching their full potential through a whole range of e-learning and online courses, qualifications, programmes and continuous professional development using our interactive online Learning Management System.

Developing mindfulness at work supports innovation, collaboration and empowerment.  Studies have indicated that learning mindfulness provides healthcare professionals with useful work skills such as empathy, concentration and awareness of the present moment. If you would like to find out more about this innovative programme and how we can help you then please get in touch.

The benefits of creating a mindful workplace culture
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