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The MindfulnessUK Community Membership

What is the MindfulnessUK Community Membership?

We encourage all our students and graduates to join our Community Membership and continue to connect with like-minded people and gain insight and knowledge from the MindfulnessUK team.  We offer a free and paid membership, both full of opportunities for you to engage, learn and continue to feel supported in your mindfulness and compassion career.

The Community Membership offers members a space to connect and collaborate with both the MindfulnessUK team and your peers, attend a sitting group, book club and a variety of insightful events and gain access to course information and research via a portal.

You can also join chat forums where you can share posts, videos, course information, or ask questions about anything of interest or specific to your teaching.

Community Membership Options

We want to be able to offer all of our students and graduates support throughout their mindfulness and compassion, so you can choose either our free or paid Community Membership.  Whichever best best fits with your needs.

Free Membership

  • Access to our Community Portal.
  • Early access to Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Masterclass promotions or discounts.
  • Links to recommended equipment and books to support your practice.
  • Notification of discount coupons for MindfulnessUK e-courses. (limited use coupons).
  • Free participation in weekly open sitting group.
  • Access to chat forums where you can search the members directory and chat in the main forum.
  • Invitations to taster sessions with tutors, where you can learn about course content and meet our tutors.
  • Access to BAMBA guidelines.
  • Access to a library of practice videos and helpful resources.
  • Invitation to join our Women's Menstrual Health Circle, a regular sitting group open to men and women

Full Membership

  • All the benefits of the Free Membership.
  • 10% off online Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Masterclasses.
  • 10% off all retreats.
  • 50% off Mindfulness Business Development e-course.
  • Access to monthly Continuous Professional Development (CPD) events covering a range of topics and featuring guest speakers and full member speakers.
  • Access to monthly meditation and peer discussion sitting group called "Karuna" which means "compassion".
  • Access to resources supporting your mindfulness and compassion teaching, including training material top ups related to your qualification.
  • Access to graduate peer group meetings where you can share course specific challenges.
  • Access to updated course information and insightful research.
  • Access to chat forums, specific to your teacher training qualification and any groups that you attend.
  • Access to a library of resources, training videos, topic refreshers, and recorded in-depth talks from retreats.
  • Access to templates to help you deliver your teaching.
  • Exclusive opportunity to book supervision with MindfulnessUK tutors.
  • Access to a closed Facebook group.
  • Exclusive CPD opportunity to co-host online retreats and sitting groups.
  • Exclusive opportunity to write BLOGs and have your words published via MindfulnessUK channels

Benefits Of Joining

Whether you join the free or full Community Membership both will enable you to stay connected with your peers and MindfulnessUK.  Through the full Community Membership you can also gain further support and information to help develop a successful mindfulness and compassion teaching career.

Gain access to course information and research via the Community Membership portal

MindfulnessUK Community Portal examples

Join chat forums where you can share posts, videos, course information, or ask questions about anything of interest or specific to your teaching

Community chat forum example

We will continuously develop our Community Membership and welcome your feedback or suggestions.  Simply email us at community@mindfulnessuk.com to tell us what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the free and paid membership?

There are differences in the level of access that you have to resources, group events and information.  Scroll up to see the full offer for both the Free and Full Community Memberships.

Can I move from one to the other if I change my mind?

No you cannot switch automatically but you can cancel one membership and then purchase your preferred membership.

We do not offer a refund part way through a month or year and therefore recommend that  you switch on your renewal date.

Can I cancel my subscription whenever I like?

Annual Full Membership: membership is for one year from the date of payment. You have the right to cancel your membership within 14 days. Cancellation must be given in writing. We will refund your payment in full if cancellation is within 14 days.  This purchase will auto-renew after 12 months, unless you cancel.  You can cancel 2-weeks before your renewal date.  Cancellation will be effective at the end of the annual membership.  There is no partial refund during your subscription year. 


How do I use the chat forums?

We will be publishing a helpful video soon to show you how to use the community chat forums.  

How do I book an event?

We will be publishing a helpful video to show you how to book a community membership event.

I would like to be a guest speaker or suggest a topic to review, who do I speak to about this?

Please send an email to community@mindfulnessuk.com and one of the friendly team will get back to you.

Do I have to use Facebook and the chat forums?
We have received feedback, from the majority of our members, that they want to connect but do not use social media.  We have therefore created the forums as a place to share updates and chat, however we will continue to use Facebook for those that want it.
Which courses can I use the 10% discount on?

The 10% discount is valid on specific Continuous Professional Development (CPD Masterclasses) and retreats. The 10% discount is for annual full members only.

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