Enjoy The Silence – co-teaching a silent mindfulness retreat. By Mark Smith, founder of Kalm Horizons.

Mindfulness and Compassion Online One-Day Retreat

At the end of 2022, I was invited by Angie Ward, teacher at Mindfulness UK, to co-teach a silent retreat online focussing on kindness and filling your cup with compassion.

I had never led a silent retreat, nor had I had the chance to co-teach any sessions with colleagues.

After some consideration (which included overcoming a touch of fear) I decided it would be a great thing to do and said yes.

Angie also invited Natalie Muallem to join as co-host. We had a few meetings in advance to discuss the topic and how we could bring that to life through various mindfulness practices and other exercises. As it was set for 30th of December, we ensured that there was plenty of time and space to reflect on the year that had just passed and also to look gently into the future.

With a plan in place, some readings agreed and heartfelt practices ready, the big day came.

I enjoyed many things about this unique opportunity.

Firstly, it was a chance to learn from colleagues, as everyone has such a different style and approach, and it was great to experience this during a live event.

I am always learning, and this was the best form of education. It also opened my mind to many new possibilities.

I really absorbed myself in the process. When I wasn’t presenting a session, I stepped back and took time to enjoy the silence. Something I rarely do outside of my daily mindfulness practice.

Reflecting on 2022 was timely as it had been a big year. It was my first-year leading classes for paying clients. It was heart-warming to take that time and see how far I had come. I also looked forward, considering what to take forward into the new year.

Compassion and kindness are so important to the way I deliver my classes. To have a day dedicated to these topics in a retreat is very special.

The calm and gentle reflection at the end of the session was enlightening. It was interesting to hear what the retreaters connected with and how they felt it had helped them in so many ways.

I am so glad I overcame the initial fear of co-presenting a retreat. It’s something I would embrace again in a heartbeat and highly recommend it to everyone.

If you are interested in co-teaching one of our retreats then please get in touch.

By Mark Smith, founder of Kalm Horizons.
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