Introducing Kate Elliott our new Compassionate Mindful Resilience Course Tutor

Kate Elliott new CMR tutor

My journey to where I am today, has been a winding road!  I have always had the ambition to help people to be the best they can be but found myself stuck in the path of the corporate world for many years, without the confidence to step out and do what I love doing.  

About 15 years ago I took my first steps to helping others by training to be a yoga teacher and then a yoga therapist, and I then went part-time in the corporate world to gain more experience.  

Inspired by my Mum, I then decided to stop hanging around and I wrote a 5 year plan to get me to where I wanted to be, and that is when I discovered MindfulnessUK and completed the Integrating Mindfulness and Compassion qualification, with Karen Atkinson.  

How mindfulness changed my mindset.

I then switched my mindset and rather than feeling trapped by the corporate world, I used the corporate world to build my mindfulness teaching experience by sharing it with my colleagues.  

Lockdown was in some ways a gift for me (and in some ways not), as working from home gave me the flexibility to further build my mindfulness business and run more courses for individuals, businesses, and children.  With this experience I then had the confidence to step away from the corporate world and embrace my mindfulness career further.

Becoming the new Compassionate Mindful Resilience tutor at MindfulnessUK.

It’s such a privilege for me to be the course lead for the Compassionate Mindful Resilience course.  This course is designed to support those who care for others.  As a single adoptive mum, to a lovely little girl who experienced neglect in her early childhood, I feel so lucky to have mindfulness as a tool to navigate the challenges that parenting a child with developmental trauma throws in the way.  

I am passionate about helping others who are in the same boat, be it adoptive parents, foster carers or social workers, as I understand first-hand the pressure that they are under whilst investing so much in supporting the lives of the little people in their care.  

My ambition is to teach as many people as possible, to be able to expand the reach of this course to all sectors of society and see first-hand the difference it can make to people’s lives. 

If you would like to experience the course for yourself, why not join me on 14th September or if you are ready to get teaching then the next teacher training course starts on the 16th of September.  

For more information visit the website or email

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