At MindfulnessUK, we understand that our students learn in differently and we are committed to providing a variety of ways that you can develop your mindfulness training and invest in continued professional development.

To help you find the learning process that suits you we have created several e-Courses.  An e-Course means that you can learn at your own pace, easily access all relevant learning materials, and each course uses a number of learning methods like text, video, audio and graphics.

We created the e-Course as supporting your clients with Mindful Movement Practice is an important element of the overall mindfulness journey.  Embracing movement practice as teachers and developing your skills, confidence, and capability will be of benefit to achieving a more rounded set of teaching skills, whilst delivering a wonderful experience for your clients.

Mindful Movement e-Course

Developing a deeper connection between mind and body can really support our overall health and wellbeing in both a physical and psychological way.

Karen has more than 30 years of experience in delivering and developing movement-based practices and has designed this course so that she can share her experience and expertise with teachers who are looking to develop their confidence and skills in teaching movement.


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