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Operations and Learning Development Manager Job Description

Our expanding organisation is seeking to hire an Operations and Learning Development
Manager to join our leadership team.

You will be in charge of providing inspired co-leadership for the operation of our organisation’s
business, which involves helping us all to make important policy and strategic decisions, as well
as the development and implementation of operational policies and procedures. You will help
promote a organisation culture that encourages learning and development for staff, students,
alumni members and graduates alike, contributing to the on-going manifestation of kindness in
our society.

You will have qualifications or prior experience in a management or leadership position.
You will have the skills and passion to become a Course Tutor and Supervisor. In-house training
will be offered to you as part of your employment package. Your delivery as part of the role
may include retreats, delivering the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course, teacher
training the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Integrating Mindfulness and Compassion
teacher training. You will also train to become a Supervisor.

• Provide inspired co-leadership for the organisation.
• Advise on important policy, planning, and co-develop strategy decisions with the
Partners and senior team.
• Develop, implement, and review operational policies, processes and procedures.
• Help promote an organisation culture of kindness, integrity, inclusivity and
• Liaising with all staff to ensure organisation operations flow smoothly and
• Liaising with the IT consultant who is developing the Learning Management System
to create a professional learning platform for students, alumni members and
• Ensure all legal and regulatory documents are filed and monitor compliance with
laws and regulations.
• Work with all the organisation’s Partners, employees and Consultants to co-develop
short and long-term goals.
• Identify and address problems and opportunities for the organisation.
• Build alliances and partnerships with other organisations.
• Ensure continuity and parity across all of the organisation’s work, to include e-course
development, teaching, teacher training, retreats, masterclasses, course
development and other programmes.
• To have the vision to reach out to other people and organisations, thereby creating
beneficial relationships to build and grow the business.

• Prior qualifications or relevant experience in operational management and
• Strong appreciation and drive to offer the best in technical innovation for the benefit
of staff, students and graduates.
• An enjoyment of handling details and the capacity to juggle is essential.
• Ability to build consensus and relationships among Partners, senior team managers,
consultants and those affiliated with the organisation in other working capacities .
• Excellent communication skills.
• Be able to liaise closely with the organisation’s Partners to ensure continuity and
parity in all areas of the business.
• Demonstrable skills in delivering teaching and training to others.
• Ability to co-develop, implement, and review policies and procedures.
• Understanding of necessary legal and regulatory documents and requirements.
• Ability to address problems and create opportunities for the organisation.
• Ability to build alliances and partnerships with other people and organisations.
• To be closely affiliated with the mindfulness world and the changing needs of those
we teach and train, so that the organisation can be responsive to the unfolding
needs of individuals and organisations, thereby enabling the organisation to
continue to innovate in compelling and forward-thinking ways into the future.
• A familiarity with Zoom and other virtual platforms.

Job Description Details
£21,028 – £25,056 per year (dependant upon hours and amount of in-house training
Permanent, part-time, 21 to 24 hours per week
Pension scheme and holiday entitlement of 4 weeks plus Bank Holidays
Working is mainly remote but the senior team will meet together in person at least twice a
year for several days.

The candidate will mainly be delivering teaching online via Zoom but opportunities will arise
to teach in a real venue, such as on retreats as well as potentially delivering teacher training.

The candidate will supply use of their own computer/laptop for their work.

All travel expenses are paid by the organisation.

If you are interested in applying for this post please reply with your CV to:
info@mindfulnessuk.com by Monday 6th September 2021 at 12 noon, with your name and
“Operations Applicant” in the subject header.

Please include:
• Your personal details
• Contact details
• Educational and work history
• Some details as to why you think you should be considered for this post, including
your experience, skills, and background that will add value to the organisation
• Please describe one compelling business idea that would enhance what the
organisation offers to others
• Two referees contact details from previous employers

Thank you for your interest.
Karen Atkinson
Senior Partner


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