The Living Well with Kindness Online Event

The Living Well with Kindness Online Event on Saturday the 5th of March 2022

Where Did The Idea For The Event Start?

The global pandemic hit us individually and as a society, hard. Some have unfortunately experienced greater levels of suffering than others but we have all suffered in so many ways, ways that will take a long time to recover from.

For me, the word that rose to the surface during this time was ‘kindness’; a word that has previously been associated by some as being ‘sickly sweet’ or for ‘do gooders’. It rose to the surface as kindness to ourselves and others is inherent within us, the human body is geared up to ‘tend and befriend’. It’s natural but as a society there are so many barriers to allowing it to manifest in wholesome and nourishing ways.

As we started to come out of the lockdowns, I observed a segregation between those who wanted to stay aligned with this newly-felt association with kindness and others who couldn’t wait for life to return to normal, losing the lessons learnt about how to practice self-care and kindness to others at a deeper level.

How Did This Idea Then Develop?

Kindness is fundamental to everything and I felt compelled to support the flourishing of kindness as we transition to the next stage of the pandemic, whatever that may look like. I was out walking one morning and it came to me in a flash, we should hold an event which could be the start of many to come, showing everyone who is interested how it’s the little acts of kindness that make such a difference and ripple out to wholesale changes within one’s own life, and those we connect with.

In the spirit of connection and feeling congruent with my core values, my next thought was to ask two of the kindest people I know to join me on this adventure, Dawn Lister and Daniel Groom from Anahata Yoga Centre.

We have all known each other for many years and I’ve always resonated with them on a number of levels, especially in their clarity about the power of kindness which they model in everything they say and do, both personally and professionally.

I was delighted and extraordinarily grateful that when I put the suggestion to them that there was no hesitation in partnering with me on the Living Well with Kindness Online Event.

How Can I Join The Event?

This new and unique event brings together a wide range of experienced mindfulness and yoga therapy teachers and inspiring speakers, providing a number of insightful and supportive talks, practices, expert panel discussions and Q&A sessions throughout the day.

Everyone is welcome and our intention is to make it accessible to all.  To reflect this, we have a range of prices for you to choose from, depending on your own personal circumstances.

Your ticket not only includes entry for the whole day but also lifetime access to a recording of the event, and ongoing support in the form of a regular newsletter with extra practices, blogs, and articles post event, supplied by our team of experts.

There has never been a time that necessitated kindness on a deeper internal and external level, in all areas of life. Kindness to ourselves, to those around us who perhaps share different views and values, and to the whole world.

Visit our website to find out more and purchase ticket.  I really hope to see you there!

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