Feeling Connected in an Isolated World

Mindfulness and Compassion Online One-Day Retreat

I was lucky enough to join the MindfulnessUK day retreat on Sunday, an opportunity for six hours of self-care.  Many people I spoke to have asked, how does that work, does it feel relaxing in your own home, do you feel connected to the other participants?

And the amazing thing is it does work, and even though we were all together virtually, there was a real sense of being connected and supported, and as one participant said the moments of sitting as a group become imprinted in their memory and bring up feelings of warmth and togetherness!

And I find that this happens in the online courses that I run too.  A sense of community and camaraderie quickly builds as the participants (and teacher) get to know each other, and I always feel this is one of the top benefits of joining a course, as you really share in the common humanity of you and others.

Being with others as part of a course or retreat, can be a real help to step out of loneliness, and sometimes an online option helps make it feel even more accessible.

To find out more about how you can benefit from one of our immersive retreats click here or to find about any of our courses visit our website.

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