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Get increased ROI on your workplace wellbeing initiatives using a train-the-trainer coaching model

Train employees on the JOY Programme (because there's Just One You) to become wellbeing coaches, teaching these positive psychology skills in the workplace

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There has never been a more important time to build and nurture your employee wellbeing.

The Joy Programme is an internationally CPD accredited course (14 credits with the CPD Standards Office). It provides nominated roles within your organisation with the capabilities needed to teach their colleagues how to incorporate positive psychology strategies into their busy day-to-day lives.

By upskilling existing roles to take on a responsibility for employee wellbeing, the capabilities to teach mindfulness, kindness, gratitude and joy demonstrate measurable KPI's. This results in building a sustainable, cost-effective wellbeing culture in-house. By financially investing in just a few employees can benefit the wellbeing of the whole workforce.

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When compared with traditional mindfulness training, we’ve seen improved ROI of over 150%.

Based on a workforce of 200 employees and using the market average cost of equivalent training elsewhere.


Introducing a mindfulness culture can help businesses overcome symptoms of:



Compassion fatigue


High staff turnover


High absenteeism

Sick Days

How is the course delivered?

Individuals can use the form below to sign up to our online JOY courses.

During the course, you will join up to 21 other students from a variety of organisations and engage in one day’s learning once a week for three weeks.

Next course dates:
Session 1 - Tuesday 4th June:  9.30 – 1.30pm
Session 2 - Tuesday 11th June:  9.30-1.30pm
Session 3 - Tuesday 18th June:  9.30-1.30pm

Have a larger organisation with the need for multiple wellbeing coaches to teach the workforce?

We can develop a bespoke JOY course designed to suit the specific needs of your business.

Get in touch with us for more details.

Meet the tutors

Karen Atkinson headshot

Karen Atkinson, MindfulnessUK CEO, is a pioneer in the field of mindfulness and compassion, having been a mindfulness teacher for 30 years and training others to teach after founding MindfulnessUK in 2010. Karen studied for her Nursing Studies Degree before starting MindfulnessUK and became a Registered General Nurse. During her nursing career she witnessed first-hand the impact a holistic approach has on well-being and the happiness it can bring to patients. Karen is the author of Compassionate Mindful Inquiry in Therapeutic Practice which is a practical guide for mindfulness teachers and was chair of the British Association of Mindfulness Based Approaches (BAMBA).


Angie Ward has a 30-year background in education, health and social care and community arts. As Chief Experience Officer at MindfulnessUK, she has been instrumental in training hundreds of people to teach Mindfulness and compassion in a wide range of sectors as well as developing additional programmes of learning and CPD.


Chika Okorafor, Head of Learning & Learning and Development at MindfulnessUK, is a Trustee for the British Association of Mindfulness Approaches (BAMBA). She has a far-reaching and diverse UK and international background. This has included semi-diplomatic, corporate, and education leadership positions. She is passionate about lifelong learning and mindful leadership.


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