Vera Dubrovina-Thompson

Vera is a Director of Mindfulness UK At Work and an experienced Yoga Therapist and Mindfulness teacher. Following a 21-year career in the Financial Services sector Vera is incredibly knowledgeable in how mindfulness can make a difference in the workplace.

Vera’s interest in yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices started back in 1992 in Kazakhstan. After moving to the UK and gaining an MSc in Economics and Finance Vera held a number of leadership roles in UBS, Barclays, HSBC and Lloyd’s Banking Group. Understanding first-hand the pressures of working in the city and making it only work for her through the use of meditation and mindfulness practices, Vera finally decided to leave Finance and focus on working in alternative therapies space.

Vera’s therapeutic approach is based on delivering simple, effective, and researched-based mindfulness tools that help reduce stress, build resilience and drives employee well-being.

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