How will I be assessed and what do I need to do to meet Level 4?

The IMC Student handbook issued to all learners has further detail on assessment – here is a summary:

In Class Assessment (ICA) 

You will be given specific instructions on how to prepare for all 5 ICA’s after your tutor has covered the related teaching material.

You will be observed teaching in pairs or small groups demonstrating the four aspects of mindfulness and embodiment of mindfulness and compassion.

Self-directed Study (SDS) written assignments

All SDS assignments are completed after your tutor has delivered the course material within the teaching session. 

You are given clear assignment briefs and supportive video resources for SDS assignments are provided for learners to refer to at any time.

At level 4, assignments are required to be authentic, well-structured and presented, relevant to subject matter, meet Assessment Criteria and, where appropriate, demonstrate knowledge of both practical application and theory with wider reading and research with references.

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