How is the course structured and what study materials are provided?

There are less teaching sessions as this is a Conversion course, however this is a minimum of a one year teacher training pathway.

It consists of a blended learning approach of virtual classroom teaching sessions ( 21 hours ) within a group setting and self-directed study.  It is important that you attend all sessions (you can book a private catch up session if needed at a cost).

MindfulnessUK provides a student handbook, 4-core meditations, bonus e-Course electronically as well as comprehensive course notes in hard copy that we post to your home (if you reside within the UK and provide in a PDF to download if outside the UK).

The self-directed study comprises of the following elements that must be completed if the learner wishes to become a listed teacher with BAMBA (the * refers to additional cost – please see related FAQ):

*Teach two supervised 8-week MBSR courses – Deliver two courses to a group – remotely supervised by one of the MindfulnessUK team.

*Attend a Process of Inquiry Masterclass.

*Attend Silent Meditation Retreats totalling 5 days throughout the year.

Log your personal practice and self-inquiry of the core MBSR meditations.

Create a portfolio – Evidence of completion of all required elements of the pathway.

Overall it is estimated that self-directed study time is approx. 120 hours.

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