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Feeling Connected in an Isolated World

By Claire Kidd | 19 May 2022

Join any of our immersive and comprehensive mindfulness and compassion courses or retreats and feel connected and supported.

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My Mindfulness Journey Continues

By Joe Corrick | 17 Mar 2022

Karen Atkinson’s passion to make mindfulness and compassion accessible to all led to her creating and writing The Integrating Mindfulness and Compassion qualification. In this blog one our students talks about his experience of doing this transformative course.

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My Mindfulness Journey

By Joe Corrick | 10 Feb 2022

My mindfulness journey so far from one of the MindfulnessUK Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Integrating Mindfulness and Compassion courses.

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The Living Well with Kindness Online Event

By Karen Atkinson | 02 Feb 2022

The Living Well with Kindness Event, on Saturday the 5th of March 2022, is brought to you by the founders of MindfulnessUK and Anahata Yoga Centre. This new and unique event brings together a wide range of experienced mindfulness and yoga therapy teachers and inspiring speakers, providing a number of insightful and supportive talks, practices, expert panel discussions and Q&A sessions throughout the day.

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Mindfulness and Compassion, and why I wrote a book about it

By Karen Atkinson | 09 Dec 2021

It excites me to consider all the teaching of practices and the skillful inquiry that is being offered as a result of people reading my book and putting all that is learnt into practice. The ripple effect of enabling others to gain insights and make sustainable changes warms my heart every single day and I encourage you to try it for yourselves and reap the rich, deep rewards that it yields.

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What It Means to Win an Award

By Karen Atkinson | 26 Nov 2021

Wining the silver award in the Southern England Business Woman of the Year category at the National Business Woman’s Awards is recognition for all the work that we have been doing at MindfulnessUK.  This award is for the whole team and everyone that supports us. […]

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I Wouldn’t Call Being Adopted Lucky

By Kate Elliott | 21 Oct 2021

It’s National Adoption Week, and a call to arms to those who could become parents to a child in need, but also to the government to ensure the support for these children is lifelong. In this latest blog our tutor Kate Elliott tells you all about her experience and how mindfulness and compassion have supported her.

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Angie Ward - 7 years at MindfulnessUK

Angie Ward’s Seven Year Anniversary!

By Angie Ward | 15 Oct 2021

Having come from a health, social care, and teaching background, I completely lost my mojo with it and promised myself I would never teach anything other than dance ever again, I was unprepared to feel my passion for teaching others re-ignite in 2014.  This is […]

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Blessed To Belong

By Helen Potts | 12 Oct 2021

Being part of a Mindfulness community is wonderful, nurturing and supportive.  It’s somewhere to connect with others and belong.  It’s natural to seek out safe spaces and like minded people, we are in truth predisposed in our wish to have these families or associations.  It’s […]

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MindfulnessUK is hiring!

By Mindfulness UK | 26 Aug 2021

This new team member will help fulfil MindfulnessUK’s vision of developing a kinder society through their enthusiasm and skills for systems innovation, appreciate the importance of building a compassionate mindful community, ensuring the company operations flow smoothly and economically and upskilling others to do this life-enhancing work through the delivery of teacher training.

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Is Your Mind Your Friend?

By Tim Stanyon | 04 Aug 2021

When I started mindfulness practices I was constantly being told, and then told myself, that my mind was a ‘distraction’, something that would inevitably interrupt my practice and something I had to guard against.  Without realising it I had set up an oppositional relationship with my mind, at least as far as practice was concerned. This isn’t helpful!

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Tidal wave

How Mindfulness Can Help You When Feeling Overwhelmed

By Tim Stanyon | 04 Aug 2021

I work with leaders and managers in many differing types of organisations but one comment I hear regularly, from all levels is “I am overwhelmed!”. This has been common for many years but I think this may be yet another fall-out from Covid which is […]

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