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For Mindfulness Teachers – How to help clients navigate grief.

By daveboulden | 25 Mar 2024

I embarked upon my first mindfulness course less than five months after the passing of my beloved Nan. At 96 years old, her death shouldn’t have been so unexpected, but I felt her loss sharply. Noticed as a potential ‘red flag’ in my pre-course assessment […]

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How mindful gardening can boost your wellbeing

By daveboulden | 04 Mar 2024

My memories of gardening stem from my early childhood. I remember watching my grandfather toiling for long stretches of time in the cold, wet and misty garden – digging and planting and mowing and trimming – it all seemed like such exhausting and relentless work. […]

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How to Grow your Client Base

By daveboulden | 28 Feb 2024

How to create opportunities  Congratulations! You’re a qualified Mindfulness and Compassion teacher, and ready to share mindfulness with the world, all you need now is people to teach! Finding clients and getting people booked onto your courses can feel a bit daunting – especially if […]

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Photo of lots of matches standing on their ends. One of them has been burnt right down to almost the bottom. The matches are against a pale pink background and have red tips.

How to prevent burnout through mindfulness

By Natasha Douglas | 16 Oct 2023

What is burnout? Burnout is a psychological and physical condition that results from chronic stress, and it’s usually associated with work or caring responsibilities. But in truth, it can affect various aspects of your life, not just your professional life. But what exactly is burnout […]

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Cat dressed in a superhero outfit

Mindfulness is your Superpower: Becoming a Better Manager

By Natasha Douglas | 25 Aug 2023

Are you ready to supercharge your leadership skills and become a better manager?    Enter mindfulness – a game-changing practice that goes beyond task management.    In this blog post, we’ll unveil 8 practical applications of mindfulness that managers like you can seamlessly integrate into […]

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Photo of people using mindfulness to hold better meetings

How to use mindfulness to have better meetings

By Natasha Douglas | 04 Aug 2023

Tired of sitting through endless, unproductive meetings, where your mind often drifts and your creativity feels stifled?    If you’ve experienced the frustration of meetings that lack focus, purpose, and engagement, then it’s time to consider a transformative approach: introducing mindfulness into meetings.    By […]

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Travel items such as postcards, sunglasses and a camera against a wooden teal backdrop

Mindful travel: how to make holiday travel more chill

By Natasha Douglas | 21 Jul 2023

Heading off on your holidays but want to know how to make the travelling process less frazzled and more peaceful?   We’ve compiled some top tips for mindful travel to help you do just that.   1. Pack mindfully   If you can, give yourself […]

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Photo of people overcoming barriers, i.e. hurdles

Overcoming Barriers to Becoming a Mindfulness Teacher: Your Path to Qualification

By Natasha Douglas | 14 Jul 2023

Unlock your potential and embark on a transformative journey to become a qualified mindfulness teacher.    Here at MindfulnessUK, we understand that the journey to become a qualified mindfulness teacher can seem daunting. But is that really a reason not to chase your dreams?  In […]

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FREE EVENT: Becoming your own Man, with Alex Cunningham

By Natasha Douglas | 02 Jun 2023

Becoming your own man is a lifelong journey. Did you know that only 7% of British men are comfortable discussing their health issues openly? Men’s Health Week aims to change that by raising awareness of health concerns that affect men disproportionately. This year, MindfulnessUK is […]

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Photo of a teal desk with a laptop, phone, glasses, coffee and a plant, representing a successful mindfulness teaching career.

How to Build a Successful Career Teaching Mindfulness

By Natasha Douglas | 23 May 2023

Tips and Strategies for Turning Your Mindfulness Side Hustle into the Main Event   Mindfulness teaching can be a rewarding and fulfilling career, helping others to manage stress, anxiety, and other challenges. Many mindfulness teachers start their teaching journey as a side hustle while working […]

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Flatlay of a workspace, where mindfulness has helped reduce staff sickness levels

Can Mindfulness Really Help Reduce Staff Sickness Rates?

By Natasha Douglas | 07 Apr 2023

Mindfulness has been gaining popularity in recent years as a tool for reducing stress and promoting well-being. But can mindfulness really help with reducing staff sickness rates? The short answer is: yes.  Mindfulness has been shown to have significant benefits for both physical and mental […]

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Photo of a woman looking joyful in an work environment. She looks like she has a high level of well-being.

Is your People Strategy missing this key ingredient?

By Natasha Douglas | 06 Apr 2023

Did you know that employee well-being isn’t just about *avoiding* poor mental health (although we know that’s extremely important too)?   What companies tend to overlook is that employee well-being is about *creating* an environment where employees can thrive and experience genuine joy in their […]

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