Karen Atkinson

The Living Well with Kindness Online Event

The Living Well with Kindness Event, on Saturday the 5th of March 2022, is brought to you by the founders of MindfulnessUK and Anahata Yoga Centre. This new and unique event brings together a wide range of experienced mindfulness and yoga therapy teachers and inspiring speakers, providing a number of insightful and supportive talks, practices, expert panel discussions and Q&A sessions throughout the day.

Mindfulness and Compassion, and why I wrote a book about it

It excites me to consider all the teaching of practices and the skillful inquiry that is being offered as a result of people reading my book and putting all that is learnt into practice. The ripple effect of enabling others to gain insights and make sustainable changes warms my heart every single day and I encourage you to try it for yourselves and reap the rich, deep rewards that it yields.

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