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Angie Ward - 7 years at MindfulnessUK

Angie Ward’s Seven Year Anniversary!

Having come from a health, social care, and teaching background, I completely lost my mojo with it and promised myself I would never teach anything other than dance ever again, I was unprepared to feel my passion for teaching others re-ignite in 2014.  This is how! I completed my 8 week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course …

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Blessed To Belong

Being part of a Mindfulness community is wonderful, nurturing and supportive.  It’s somewhere to connect with others and belong.  It’s natural to seek out safe spaces and like minded people, we are in truth predisposed in our wish to have these families or associations.  It’s also a creative way to grow and develop our mindfulness …

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MindfulnessUK is hiring!

This new team member will help fulfil MindfulnessUK’s vision of developing a kinder society through their enthusiasm and skills for systems innovation, appreciate the importance of building a compassionate mindful community, ensuring the company operations flow smoothly and economically and upskilling others to do this life-enhancing work through the delivery of teacher training.

Is your mind your friend and how mindfulness can help you.

Is Your Mind Your Friend?

When I started mindfulness practices I was constantly being told, and then told myself, that my mind was a ‘distraction’, something that would inevitably interrupt my practice and something I had to guard against.  Without realising it I had set up an oppositional relationship with my mind, at least as far as practice was concerned. This isn’t helpful!

Tidal wave

How Mindfulness Can Help You When Feeling Overwhelmed

I work with leaders and managers in many differing types of organisations but one comment I hear regularly, from all levels is “I am overwhelmed!”. This has been common for many years but I think this may be yet another fall-out from Covid which is exacerbating this issue. In modern business life, indeed perhaps in …

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Kate Elliott new CMR tutor

Introducing Kate Elliott our new Compassionate Mindful Resilience Course Tutor

Meet Kate Elliott our new Compassionate Mindful Resilience tutor. This course is designed to support those who care for others.  As a single adoptive mum, to a lovely little girl who experienced neglect in her early childhood, I feel so lucky to have mindfulness as a tool to navigate the challenges that parenting a child with developmental trauma throws in the way.  

Mindful Teams

The difference That a Mindfulness Workshop or Programme Could Make To Your Business

During the pandemic when we saw a lot of changes in working practices, a large majority of businesses have been exceptionally conscious of their employee’s wellbeing and mental health. 

The benefits of creating a mindful workplace culture

The Benefits of Creating a Mindful Workplace Culture

The benefits of creating a mindful workplace culture – Research to support the benefits of creating a mindful workplace culture is growing.  At MindfulnessUK At Work, we want more people to understand and learn the power of mindfulness and how to consider creating a thriving mindful workplace. In this blog, we explore ways of creating a mindful workplace culture and how, if this is developed, an organisation could look and feel positively different, reaping the benefits in the longer term.


The Power of Mindfulness

After successfully graduating from the Integrated Mindfulness and Compassion Qualification by MindfulnessUK in October 2017, as a qualified teacher of mindfulness and compassion, I was on a mission to fully utilise all the skills I’d acquired from over the last two decades in the world of education and devise a comprehensive ‘Mindfulness for Life Tool Box’.

Mindful Teams

Team mindfulness and the importance of taking it seriously

Mindfulness training in the corporate world is increasing in popularity but it is important that is is not just a token gesture but a longer-term cultural change. Team mindfulness is applies to the group as a whole and is about creating a collective ethos and cultivating a collective awareness.

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